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I’m just a Mom, trying to stay sane while juggling more balls than I can usually handle.  Which isn’t many.  Because I never learned how to juggle!

I love living in Eastern North Carolina.  When I’m not at Magic, you can usually find me on the water with the family and friends, in the stands watching my son pitch for Lenoir Community College or scouring “junk” shops for treasures!  I have way too many cool “projects” waiting to be started when I have time!

I love my job. It’s amazing to create partnerships with so many non-profits that make a difference in ENC every day, like The Food Bank, United Way, Fishstrong Foundation, and The American Cancer Society. And, what’s cooler than playing awesome music for you while you work and giving you the chance to win amazing gifts like Summercations, designer handbags, concert tickets, and meet and greets. And occasionally, I get to meet an artist! I’ve been hugged by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Shawn Hook, and all the guys from Life Of Dillon. And, I had a beer with Ed and Jess from Collective Soul!

I love Stephen King. His books line a special bookcase in my living room.  I saw him in Wilmington at a special event once and stalked him in the parking lot afterward. Maybe I’ll get a bit part in one of his books one day!

I have a great story about Bob Seger from my life as a waitress in Northern Michigan, but it’s too long for this forum! Ask me about it when we bump into each other the next time… if you haven’t heard it already!

My “Selfie” with Ed and Jess from Collective Soul!