Play the One Question Quiz

Play the One Question Quiz

Take Magic to lunch with you every weekday and play Magic’s One Question Quiz in the Noon Hour to win good stuff!

Bojangles serves up those hot, fresh made-from-scratch buttermilk breakfast biscuits all day, every day!

Listen January 30 through February 3 for your chance to call in and win a two-piece Bojangles chicken dinner and a Mannheim Steamroller “Romance” digital download, compliments of American Gramaphone Records. If you enjoy the Fresh Aire music of Mannheim Steamroller, you’ll savor every passion-soaked note of  “ROMANCE”.  Every song in this set is designed to lead you down the path of intimate discovery.

Listen February 6 through February 10 for your chance to call in and win win a two-piece Bojangles chicken dinner and “NOW THAT”S WHAT I CALL MUSIC – VOLUME 85”, courtesy of Sony Music.  Available everywhere February 3, and featuring 16 of the BIGGEST hits from YOUR FAVORITE stars, including Taylor Swift, OneRepublic, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor and more, PLUS 3 “NOW PRESENTS WHAT’S NEXT” Bonus Tracks from hot up and coming artists. Available for purchase on CD or download  OR  stream it at Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora or Amazon Music Unlimited.  Also available on February 3rd – “NOW That’s What I Call Music Hip Hop Party” – featuring 18 hip hop hits with tracks from Outkast, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Flo Rida, Migos, Eve, Notorious B.I.G. and more. Vinyl edition of Hip Hop Party available at Target. Check out  and for more info or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @nowthatsmusic for music news, contests, prizes and more. 

Listen February 6 through February 10 for your chance to call in and win win a two-piece Bojangles chicken dinner and a hardcover copy of “1,000 Facts About Space” for your kiddo, compliments of National Geographic. Explore dazzling facts about the vast expanse of space, from glowing stars billions of light-years away to supermassive exploding supernovas to rockets thundering into the unknown. This comprehensive book takes you on a mind-blowing tour of our unbelievable universe and is full of fascinating facts on topics such as space exploration, our solar system and galaxy, and beyond.  
Expert astronomer Dean Regas―former host of PBS’s Star Gazers and astronomer of the Cincinnati Observatory―takes you on an incredible tour of facts about each planet in our solar system, dwarf planets, our sun and other stars, exoplanets, comets, asteroids, galaxies, space travel, and so much more. Hundreds of stunning photographs bring the facts to life. A universe of fun and discovery awaits!